Nordic meeting about HSE duties of designers

Previous meetings between Videntjenesten om arbejdsmiljø for bygherrer og rådgivere in Denmark (, Samarbeid for sikkerhet i bygg og anlegg in Norway ( and Håll Nollan in Sweden ( has given the impression that designers and advisors often do not know and/or do not comply with the health and safety duties.

At the same time, there is agreement that the potential for preventing health and safety issues during design is large.

Therefore Videntjenesten arranged a Nordic meeting on the 25th of November 2020.

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange knowledge about the HSE duties of designers in the Nordic countries, the difficulties in complying with them and presenting current national tools and information materials.

On this basis, we discussed whether there is a basis to implement a joint project across countries trying to enhance the awareness of HSE duties of designers.


Summary of Nordic meeting


9.00                 Welcome and presentation of participants

9.15                  Legislation and best practice in Denmark

9.45                  Legislation and best practice in Norway

10.15                Break

10.30                Legislation and best practice in Sweden

11.00                Discussion

11.45                Agreements about future activities / dialogue

12.00                Goodbye

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